A Typical Session

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A typical session

Ultimately, it is impossible to describe or put into words how good you will feel after a treatment!

A Reflexions reflexology treatment is a heavenly experience – a half hour introduction gives you an idea of what reflexology feels like and how you feel within yourself after a treatment. An hour session gives the therapist more time to work on areas indicated and gives you more time to switch off and relax. After a short oral consultation, the therapist will get you comfortably seated with a pillow behind your head, a blanket and, if required, an eye-pillow to block out light and movement so that you can descend into a calm, deep, meditative state.


Relaxing, melodic and peaceful background music ensconces your senses as you allow the therapist to gently cleanse and dry your feet . The session will commence with the therapist skilfully opening and feeling the feet for indicative messages of how your energy flows and more importantly where it is getting trapped or stuck.


Sensitive trained hands will gently seek out congestion, stiffness, excess or empty areas of the feet which reflect the corresponding area of the body reflexology opens the energy pathways and allows the free flow of energy through the body which has a profound almost magical healing effect.