Welcome to Reflexions!

Welcome to Reflexions The Reflexology Shop. We are currently in our twenty fourth year of operating in centrally located London establishments. We offer a service with a difference! The first and best, dedicated reflexology walk-in centers that specialise in reflexology treatments. We are known for our highly qualified therapists who are all extensively trained and experienced and love what they do.

Just walk in, float out!

Having been established for over 24 years Reflexions has gathered some of the finest and most experienced reflexology and massage therapists in London.



Reflexions:The Reflexology Shop opened in 1996 and has been offering Reflexology and Massage on a walk-in basis ever since.

A session can be half an hour, 45 minutes or one hour. Your therapist will go through a short consultation to ascertain the best treatment plan for your particular needs.


You will be comfortably seated in one of our specially designed reclining chairs that support the lower back and enable you to experience that floating weightless feeling so that, once relaxed, you begin to enjoy the benefits immediately.



Comments heard frequently in reception after treatments…