What we offer

A list of services and rates at Chelsea & Bayswater

Special Offers

Our standard treatments offered start from only:
£35 (half hour) / £55 (one hour) – Bayswater/Clapham
£37(half hour) / £57 (one hour) – Chelsea

ONE HOUR reflexology plus HALF HOUR seated massage

Chelsea £96
Bayswater / Clapham£92

One hour massage plus half hour reflexology

Chelsea £113
Bayswater /Clapham £110

The half and half( half hour massage half hour reflexology)

Chelsea £77
Bayswater/ Clapham £72

The one plus one (One hour massage, one hour reflexology)

Chelsea £133
Bayswater /Clapham £130

the One and a half hour bliss


Chelsea £93
Bayswater/ Clapham £87


Chelsea £116
Bayswater/ Clapham £114

the Two hour luxury Reflexology

Chelsea £113
Bayswater / Clapham£108


Chelsea £152
Bayswater / Clapham£152


Reflexology is an amazing therapy that works through the feet and affects the whole body on a physical. emotional and mental plane. A half hour introductory treatment leaves you feeling like you’ve just had a week’s holiday! The hour session feels more like a two week holiday !!

Bayswater / Clapham

30 Minutes: £35.00

One hour: £55.00


30 Minutes: £37.00

One hour: £57.00

Seated Massage

Fully supported by our on-site chair, you can relax whist the therapist gets to work on the upper body areas. We all hold tension in our shoulders and this massage will allow a release of those unwanted knots and holdings that zap our energy and restrict our enjoyment of life. What’s not to Love about this simple accessible quick fix?

Bayswater/ Clapham

30 Minutes: £39.00

45 Minutes: £53.00


30 Minutes: £40.00

45 Minutes: £55.00

Full Body Massage

A highly trained therapist will work deeply on the whole body whilst you are comfortably relaxed on an extra wide massage couch in a private room. Here a remarkable transformation can take place. This is me-time to the max!

Bayswater / Clapham

1 Hour: £77.00


1 Hour: £77.00

Hot Stone Massage

By using hot stones the muscles are able to let go of stress and tension quickly and effectively on a deep, warming and relaxing level.

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY (call to make a booking)

Facial Reflexology

Reflex points on the face are used to encourage a letting go and rejuvenating effect on tensions and stresses in the face- makes you look and feel young again!!

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY (call to make a booking)