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What is Reflexology?

The act of walking barefooted on the earth has a natural effect on the wellbeing of a person- we connect to the earth, the Mother and are quite literally grounded and earthed. Mankind generally has lost this connection to earth through a combination of factors- bad posture, sofas, chairs etc, diet, being too much in our heads and by quite simply wearing shoes.

The benefits of Reflexology

Reflexology, by working through the feet, reestablishes our connection with the earth by opening energy pathways in the feet that have been under-stimulated allowing a reflowing of natural energy from above through our bodies and into the earth and back up from the earth, we channel this preternatural force back into the universe, up into the Heavens! This natural flow of energy Chi or Prana is our lifeforce and allowing and encouraging its movement, through Reflexions reflexology, brings renewed vigor, energy and enthusiasm for life!


Reflexology is an amazing therapy that works through the feet and affects the whole body on a physical emotional and mental plane.

A half hour introductory treatment feels like you’ve just had a one week holiday! The hour session feels more like a two week holiday !!

A session will leave you feeling grounded, focused, light and connected to the real you. You will feel alive, cared for and renewed.

We have an extensive and growing client base of people who visit us on a regular basis to get their ‘fix’ of wellbeing and nurturing.

Our speciality treatment and what we are known and loved for is our reflexology treatments – each therapist is a highly qualified, experienced, professional who offer their own individual style as they work from that unique place within themselves and give of themselves in each and every treatment that they perform, but what they share is their love of reflexology and the opportunity to use it for the benefit of our guests.

One of the amazing features of reflexology is that whilst totally non-invasive, you sit fully clothed just removing footwear, therapists are able to access your whole energybody through a combination of skilful opening, kneading , effleurage massage and touch. It feels delightful and regal to have someone sit you back in a lovely reclining purple velvet throne, bathe your feet in warm oil infused water and then touch you through your feet in just the right way, that human contact is so important to our sense of self value, joy and worth. A quite simply, divine therapy.

At the start of the treatment the therapist will introduce themselves and then tune into you and get a sense of where you are and what s going on with you through a brief conversation to ascertain exactly what is needed in this instance.

Our unique selling point USP- we offer a walk-in service- that means that you do not have to book an appointment in advance but should the fancy take you, you can quite simply turn up at any of our stores and get a treatment on the spot. (assuming there is space at the time) there are always spaces available on the same day at most a short wait will open up an opportunity to get a treatment if on the off chance someone is not immediately available. This means that stress factors of potentially being late for an appointment, being stuck in traffic or finding parking difficult all disappear, you don’t have to even think about these things you can just turn up,
walk in and float out!

WARNING! Our treatments are highly addictive you re going to want to feel this good all the time!


Reflexology is an amazing therapy that enables the body’s own healing mechanism to function to its maximum potential.

Once this is stimulated any imbalances or ailments begin to ease as energy surges to and through the area. Specifically many ailments have been sited as benefiting from Reflexology may help to improve mood, aid sleep, relieve tension.aid relaxation and improve a sense of well being. Reflexology helps the body’s innate healing power to activate and heal itself.

Reflexology is loved by pregnant woman. Pre-natal courses of reflexology can ease your pregnancy and the process of child-birth as well as treat your aching feet!


A visit to Reflexions for a reflexology experience begins once you are comfortably reclined in one of our specially designed chairs.

All pressure is taken off the feet and lower back, the spine is supported and relaxed, and a feeling of weightlessness and timelessness ensues!

Our half hour introduction allows you to experience for yourself just how exquisite reflexology feels and how good you feel after the treatment. You may sleep better, feel lighter, more focused and grounded.

A one hour session allows time for a consultation with your therapist. Your treatment can then be tailored to your needs and focused on the systems that need the most attention.